CNN’s Best 20 Places To Visit In 2022 Is Still Available
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CNN’s Best 20 Places To Visit In 2022

CNN’s Best 20 Places To Visit In 2022 Is Still Available

Even though your desires suggest you do many works, the ultimate desire must be to try new places with traveling for sure. Since 2020 was not a good year to try multiple locations due to the pandemic, the coming up year will be a thrilling one with hopes and suggestions. 

            1. Chile Lake District, Chile
            2. Vancouver Island, Canada
            3. Dominica
            4. Estonia
            5. Galway, Ireland
            6. Jamaica
            7. Kyrgyzstan
            8. Kyushu, Japan
            9. The Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel
            10. St. Petersburg, Russia
            11. Wuppertal, Germany
            12. Paraty and Ilha Grande, Brazil
            13. New Caledonia
            14. Wyoming
            15. Copenhagen, Denmark
            16. Zambia
            17. São Tomé & Príncipe
            18. Sri Lanka
            19. Tunisia
            20. Washington, DC

Chile Lake District, Chile

CNN’s Best 20 Places To Visit In 2022 Is Still Available
chile lake district

Filled with amusing landscapes, Chile Lake District has been a wonderful place with glacial lakes. If one of your objectives suggests visiting a place with snowcapped volcanoes, Los Lagos will be one astonishing destination. The lakeside villages Chile Lake district is also filled with picturesque sceneries where you can satisfy your eyes’ satisfaction.



Vancouver Island, Canada

vancouver island
vancouver island

Being an island covered with 290-mile in the land, 290-mile has been recommended for the tourists looking for places to visit in 2020 by CNN. Since 2020 just passed untouched, the island will welcome you 2020 with all her assets, including the stunning harbor.





Just returned from the damage that occurred due to Hurricane Maria, Dominica is a place with many natural attractions. Focused with an ecotourism touch, Dominica will be one of the best 20 places to visit in 2021, as CNN suggested.





CNN’s Best 20 Places To Visit In 2022 Is Still Available

If your travel genre focuses on food, Estonia will be one amazing place to pay a visit next year. If you desire to have a dish filled with surprises, you will have to visit Estonia. Arranged according to Northern European architecture, Estonia is filled with architectural attractions too.


Galway, Ireland

If your opinion towards the rock is more like to be steady, Galway, Ireland will make it vanished for sure. The submerging sceneries of rocks in the coastal region, Galway, Ireland, will be an elegant one. It’s no wonder to include this city in CNN’s best 20 places to visit in 2020.


Besides the memories of James Bond and Bob Marley, Jamaica is a place where the live paradise is possible with quite a few things. You won’t need another thing than whitish marble beaches in a bluish atmosphere.


Since a tourist in the brownish canyons is a rare thing to see in the country, Kyrgyzstan will be one of CNN’s best 20 places to visit in 2021, as recommended by CNN. Also, the country will deliver, embracing elevated meadows with picturesque monuments.  

Kyushu, Japan

If the numbers are one of your priorities, Kyushu, Japan, will serve 36,000 square kilometers of astonishing sceneries without a returning guarantee anywhere in the world. When the Beijing Olympics is to be held, Kyushu will be a place worth paying a visit.

The Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel

Considered the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea, Israel will bring you an awesome experience without any doubt. The feeling you get to feel with mud-covered all the body will be a unique one as you are going to swim 431 meters below the sea level where the alkalinity is ten times the sea.

St. Petersburg, Russia

If you are looking for a destined place for summer, it will be an amazing choice. The Russian former imperial capital will make you feel happy with her architecture and amusing sceneries.

Wuppertal, Germany

If you are a Vernian who believes in an imaginary world, Wuppertal, Germany will be a place to pay a visit. The old railways which are older than 12 years will remind your imaginary world for sure.

Paraty and Ilha Grande, Brazil

As the latest member in the UNESCO conservation sites list, Paraty and Ilha Grande, Brazil is a place where biodiversity has been of crucial importance. The lush forest is worthy of paying a visit in 2021 as a traveler.

New Caledonia

Situated in the right middle of Fiji and Queensland, Australia, New Caledonia is famous for its white-sand beaches and stunning reddish sunsets. These places have earned their place in CNN’s best 20 places to visit in 2020 with those assets.


Decorated with Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming will be a place to stay and relax for a couple of days in the US. As a place in CNN’s best 20 places to visit in 2020, it will be a good selection for 2021 as well.

Copenhagen, Denmark

As one of the countries where the world’s happiest people live, Copenhagen, Denmark will serve their coastal cities on a dish with plenty of sceneries as the dessert. There will be embracing canals, Sweden architectural astonishments, and plenty of surprises with the culture when it comes to soft drinks. There will be no wonder Copenhagen, Denmark to be considered as one of CNN’s best 20 places to visit in 2020 with these things.


Forest Covered land with almost one-third of the total land, Zambia is prepared to welcome the travelers into their ecotourism system. With few decent national parks in the hold, Victoria Falls is one of the attractions for CNN’s best 20 places to visit in 2020.

São Tomé & Príncipe

When biodiversity is a priority and volcanic peaks, São Tomé & Príncipe is a place you need to pay a visit in 2021. Begonias and orchids will enlighten your visit for sure.

Sri Lanka

Known as the Pearl in the Indian Ocean in the old Silk Road, Sri Lanka has plenty of wonders. Ancient ruins, which date back to millenniums, sub-tropical beaches, biodiversity, wildlife, and awesome tropical climate, are just a few of the wonders. She has been an impressive selection for the travelers who follow CNN’s best 20 places to visit in 2020.


It is a blessing for people who are severely in love with the historical monuments. Also, the budget will be less than any other European country in the world. Carthage and the Roman city of Dougga will be a couple of attractions in the country.

Washington, DC

It has been a home recommendation for US citizens with this choice. Ongoing massive projects and modern architecture will be the priorities in this new-age city. The dining and shopping will be a new experience in Washington, DC.

Final Thoughts

As the world is getting ready to work with the pandemic, hosts are willing to serve their best for the travelers. CNN’s best 20 places to visit in 2021 list will still be a thing to try in 2022. Although the pandemic has been able to keep you locked for almost a year, the suggestions will be the same with new features for sure.  

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