Five most beautiful and breathtaking hotels of the world 2022

Five all inclusive resorts and hotels of the world

all inclusive resorts

The world is reopening! Yes, we are not far away from travelling again. So, where are you planning to go on your next trip? It’s a dilemma for most of us. As die-hard travel enthusiasts, we are always curious to explore the worlds’ best and fantastic travelling destinations. Let us help you with a list of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Excited? Let’s dive in to the topic :Five most beautiful and breathtaking all inclusive resorts and hotels of the world.

Blanket Bay, New Zealand

The hotel is purely a dreamland for the visitors. This breathtaking place is one of the most eye-catching and amazing hotels in the world, simply because of its surroundings. The Blanket Bay hotel is situated on Lake Wakatipu’s magnificent shoreline, and the snow-capped Southern Alps are blending picturesque glamour to the hotel. The suites inside are as beautiful as the outside of the hotel, and there is floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the outside view being at your room.

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Logger’s Lodge, Sweden

If you are wandering around the internet searching for romantic hotels around the world, stop your search here. This place is far away from the outside world, and you will have to go five kilometres inside into the wilderness to find this mind-blowing romantic hotel. It’s the ultimate place for your love, and the suites of the hotel, the spa, facilities are just taking your heart and soul into a divinely place. You can visit the hotel in both winter and summer seasons, and under the midnight moon, you can enjoy your privacy to the fullest at a wonderland like a place.

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Deplar Farm, Iceland

You know how beautiful is Iceland, right? And, hotels like Deplar farm makes Iceland even more of a tourist attraction. Situated in Troll, Peninsula, at a unique remote valley, there are loads of options inside and around this eye-catching hotel. It’s ideal for families who need a break from hectic lives, and there are 13 luxurious en-suites for the accommodations. Moreover, the hotel consists of an unbelievable indoor-outdoor pool (saltwater), a spa, bar, and a beautiful looking lounge. Deplar Farm is perhaps the most spectacular place you can ever imagine in Iceland!

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Al Maha, Dubai

Are you looking for an oasis in the desert? It takes only 45 minutes for you to reach the oasis of UAE.
You can spend a fabulous time in your tent middle of golden looking dunes at Al Maha. We know you suspected the word “tent.” These are luxury suites with handcrafted traditional and antique furniture, comfortable king-size beds, modernized bathrooms, and what more? You have a pool too. Interestingly, there are chances of Gazelles or Antelopes’ view while you enjoy at Al Maha sands.

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Hotel Fasano, Brazil

We thought of taking you to a magnificent hotel in South American country, Brazil, with our final suggestion. It’s easily one of the stylish hotels on the continent, and the rooms are just out of this world. Every room has a separate balcony facing a gorgeous Ipanema sea view. The woodworks, beds, facilities are purely excellent, modern, and original. Additionally, you can enjoy your time at the rooftop pool with a spectacular view, and the place is well renowned as the best seafood restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. Hotel Fasona is more attractive and popular as a honeymoon destination across the world. Consider this as a wedding gift from us to the young couples reading this piece!

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So, this is our list of 5 most beautiful all inclusive resorts and hotels in the world. No wonder you are licking your lips to plan your next trip to one of these places. On the other hand, we do know that you have more amazing places in your armoury. And we really value if you let everyone know about your top picks by commenting them below. Cheers!


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