05 Best Travel Insurance Companies
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Five Best Travel Insurance Companies For 2022

05 Best Travel Insurance Companies For 2022

Whatever the travel habit you have, a trip insurance policy helps you to avoid sudden losses that can occur in various ways. If you select the best insurance policy, you will be freed from sudden or unexpected medical invoices, lost or stolen backpacks, canceled trip expenditures, and unclaimable accidents. In this article, you will get to know about the best travel insurance companies for 2021 that match your purposes elegantly.

Allianz Travel Insurance

It is one of the most trusted insurance companies in the world. Along with their customer-friendly approach, the claim and other things have been much comprehensive for their customers. When it comes to travel insurance, they have got special features in travel insurance. Even if you are trying to go for individual-based plans, they have got plans for you. While most of the travel insurance companies are offering annual travel plans, Allianz Travel Insurance offers you short tailored plans with a high coverage focus.

One trip Prime, one of the companies most popular plans among travels covers a vast range. According to the policy rules, you will be entitled to have up to $100,000 trip cancellation pay.

In a time when there is a pandemic all around the world, this package is one of the most reliable ones for travelers. Other than that, trip interruption coverage, emergency medical coverage, emergency medical transportation coverage, accident coverage like features have made the company a better one among the best.

Amex Assurance

Offered by one of the trusted American companies, American Express, Amex Assurance has been a great client manager for the travel insurance industry. When it comes to obtaining their services, you don’t have to be a credit card owner to get their services.

You have the freedom to, manage each trip when making trips to other parts of the world. Along with the same feature, you can make changes before the trip as you like. As a cheap travel insurance policy, this specific policy has well been identified by the company for the sake of both customer and the company.

Amex Assurance company is well aware of the customers’’ needs. That is why they offer their customers standards packages. Although it is about cruise travel insurance, student travel insurance, business travel insurance, or another intent, you are free to customize the packages.

Based on the coverage amount, you will be free to cover the parts you need the most. Global medical coverage, 24-hour assistance, global baggage protection, and trip delay coverage are available for any customer to be entitled to.

Travel Guard

According to their vision, the company will repay the funds you have paid for your travel insurance. All you have to do is to let them know about your dissatisfaction.

You are free to select three travel insurance packages. They may vary according to the frequency of your traveling which means per trip or annually. The best package they have is Deluxe which leaves you to have trip cancellation coverage.

Also, their coverage is high in amount. For example, you will be entitled to emergency medical cover up to $100,000 which is only offered by leading travel insurance companies in the world.

World Nomads

Most travelers consider this amazing company as their travel partner due to many reasons. For the utmost reason, travelers can claim their bills from any country in the world.

Also, they have got a vast range of plans according to all the fulfillments travel can have. For example, even if you travel by ship, bike, or even bicycle, they have got choices and special plans for you. When it comes to the activities on traveling, skiing, bungee jumping, diving, kayak riding, or hiking will be among the coverage activities they have.

Although the travelers have similar intentions, the plans get limited according to the place where you live. Also, the protection from terrorism, trip cancellation, gear loss, and luggage misplace like features are introduced impressively. Along with the coverage, they offer a high coverage amount for the customers. Those coverage amounts can be as high as $5. 00,000. That is why the company is considered as one of the best travel insurance companies in the world already.

Also as a client of the World Nomads, you need to know that they are underwritten by Nationwide Insurance, who claims an A+ with Am best and A1 rating from Moody’s for the financial commodities the company has.


If there is one specific company that encourages family traveling, Travelex is ahead in the family traveling insurance. Because free coverage has been offered for kids below 17 years, the company can be classified as a family insurance policy producing company for the whole world.

Through their plans known as Travel Basic, Travel Select, Travel America, Flight Insure, and Flight Insure Plus. Travelex Company has offered the coverage for any traveler with any intent. Even though your travel purpose is international travel insurance, medical insurance for traveling, cheap travel insurance, travel health insurance, or any other thing with the family, their plans are for those.

The travel select plan is the best as contains travel cancellation coverage for travelers. When it comes to trip interruption, trip delaying, missed connection, baggage protection like features, you are well protected. The sports items delay is such an impressive feature given to customers. When it comes to the range of coverage offers, the traveler can choose plans according to the individuals, groups, or families. Maximum coverage is $1 million which depends on the sum you have to pay varies from $0 to $2000.


Since the travel insurance conditions may apply to various types, you have to select the best one that matches your travel purpose. They may be applied according to international travel insurance, business travel insurance, cruise travel insurance, student travel insurance, or similar categories. As a traveler, you need to have an idea about things while traveling. They might not be available on the itinerary nor your plan. Therefore planning is the place where you should start to decide the insurance. Only then after you will get the full use of travel insurance.

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