Five dangerous campgrounds you should avoid while camping
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Five dangerous campgrounds you should avoid while camping in 2022.

Five dangerous camp grounds you should avoid while camping.

Five dangerous campgrounds you should avoid while camping in 2020; Camping is a fascinating summertime hobby most of the people love. Though it sounds like a cool and exciting thing to do, sometimes finding an appropriate campground for your tent can be challenging, and there are dangerous places around the world you should stay far away! Let’s see a couple of such campgrounds you should avoid because, as they say, prevention is always better than cure.

Mount Everest – First place of five dangerous campgrounds in 2022

Five dangerous campgrounds you should avoid while camping in 2020 : Everest Base Camp
Everest Base Camp Trekking Route, Khumjung, Nepal

It’s a dream for brave-hearted travellers and campers to climb Mount Everest and camp. But, do you know it has a part named “Death Zone”? As the name suggests by itself, it’s not inspiring to choose this as one of the safest campgrounds. Still, people select it as an adventure trip, and camping in Mount Everest costs approximately 11,000Usd’s.

Seriously people, why would you risk your life for such a large amount of money? Because returning from Everest is not the easiest thing in the world. Actually, it’s more hazardous than camping on a Cliffside.

Sahale Glacier camp – Second place of five dangerous campgrounds in 2022

Campgrounds are great, but not this one, though. We’re not elaborating that the Sahale Mountain, located in Washington, isn’t beautiful or such. We’re just saying that you would not want to pick this as your next camp ground. First of all, it’s incredibly difficult to reach there because of the steep incline and the muddy surfaces. On top of all, there are bears all over the place to welcome you too!

Further, you will have to get permission for the campgrounds, and even you receive the licenses, the camping site is minimal at the top of the mountain, and it’s so close to the edges. So, it’s a big no!

Lake Mead

It’s the USA’s biggest water reservoir, and you might choose it as the ideal place for camping because of its fabulous outlook. But, if you go through Lake Mead’s history, you would understand that this not one of those safe campgrounds. Over the years, many people underestimated the lake’s power just because of its beauty and paid the price with lives.

Many people have died there because of boat accidents, and Las Vegas behaviours are also valid reasons to say no to Lake Mead. If we give a rating, we will give this place 1 out of 10, seriously.

The Great Smoky Mountains

Readers of this article might think why we include the Americas most visited national park as one of the dangerous campgrounds as it’s an absolutely incredible place to visit. The flip side, it could be incredibly dangerous too. No, it’s not because of lions, bears, tigers, or nature but because of the staggering number of vehicle accidents happening every year around the area. Yes, it’s a surprise, but it’s the truth.

The sharp turns and slippery nature roads are mainly the reason. Getting to your campground itself is a struggle, and the waterfalls also have captured numerous souls over the years. It’s a haunted area according to our perspective.


This place is somewhat similar to Mount Everest; even there is a company arranging travels and campgrounds in Antarctica. They claim the risks of animal attacks are something you don’t have to worry. Yes, it’s impossible to survive for many animals because it’s too cold, but you will have to take a urinating bottle with you if you decide to spend a night at Antarctica. Says a lot, ha?

There are loads of rules and regulations you have to obey when you in this place, and due to the freezing temperatures and risky outfields, many of the tourists won’t try to challenge themselves to spend a night Antarctica.


Camping is a cool hobby in general but can be hazardous at times, but as we said in one point, brave-hearted people still try to get an extreme experience by selecting such campgrounds. The decision is always yours, but again, prevention is better than cure!


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