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7 important tips to know before Rafting the Grand Canyon


Seven essential tips to know before Rafting the Grand Canyon

Rafting the Grand Canyon could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of you. To get the maximum out of the chance, it’s always better to know all the pros and cons and the other “must-pay attention” details.

Before we jump into the tips, you must know that there are two options to choose from when you consider rafting the Grand Canyon. The first option is that you can quickly join a commercial nature of a trip, where the guides row the boats, prepare meals, and do most of the heavy lifting work for you. The second option is that you can pick 10-15 members as per your choice and navigate through the canyon while doing all other trip-related stuff by yourselves.

However, rafting privately through the canyon is not a straightforward thing. Your team must consist of experienced rowers and be ready to accept all the challenges that would come in your way. The freedom you have compared to a commercial trip is always considerable, and the private trips across the canyon are much more popular than the commercial trips. The only issue is that National Park Service grants only around 450 permits per year that too via a lottery system, which means your chance for a private trip can take several years!

If you become a lucky lottery winner, you must know how to take the maximum out of the chance to make it a memorable experience. Moreover, rafting through the Grand Canyon is challenging both mentally and physically; going through the below tips will make your trip memorable as well as safe. Let’s dive in.

Be ready with the time.

Usually, a rafting trip through Grand Canyon takes more than two weeks (depending on the time you get the chance). Yes, it is fantastic, but most people are not used to spend time on such long trips, which can lead to mental and physical fatigue. Pains and aches here and there are inventible too, so be ready.

Pick correct group members.

Your satisfaction and the quality of the trip always depend on the members of your team. Your choice of people should be responsible, easy-going, and fun-loving; also, a couple of veterans of the Grand Canyon would do great if you have the luxury to include them.

Make sure you bring electrolytes.

Drinking water can be an issue when you are rafting the Grand Canyon. Staying healthy throughout the trip is crucial for you and your team members. Some people add bleach to the water, bringing unwanted consequences such as stomach aches and often nausea. You can eliminate this risk with electrolyte powder.

Choose appropriate footwear

We would suggest you bring both sandals and boots. You will spend most of the moment in the boat where you would not want to wear booties because wearing boots all day will cause issues like blisters, and sandals are the most suitable to avoid such problems. On the other hand, you would want to wear boots when you are loading and unloading stuff from the boats.

Plan your activities

You will get separated from civilization, and you should have a proper plan on how you spend your evenings, particularly after a grinding day time at the boats. You can plan atmosphere warming parties, games, and fun events to make the trip an enjoyable one. Some people go for games with point systems that run throughout the journey; the choice is yours.

Cotton, cotton, and more cotton

Yes, cotton clothes are mandatory for such trips. Some may argue that modern-day synthetic clothes are much comfortable to wear, but not for long hours. Cotton clothes can bring you much-needed comfort throughout the day, and make sure you keep the clothes inside dry bags all the while and do not take out the camp clothes until the evening.

Get ready for all climate changes.

You would have heard before that weather conditions in Grand Canyon can get changed very quickly, which is true. While you are enjoying the sunbath like a lazy lizard, there can be sudden passing showers in the next minute. So get sure you are well equipped with proper weather protective clothing. You will need a couple of hats for the sun as well as the cold.

Besides the above tips and other than the usual items you will include, most people carry the following things too to spend quality time and a hassle-free trip.

Camp chairs
A couple of dry bags
Camp table
Fire pan
Sand stake
Dish gloves


As we said, rafting the Grand Canyon is a one-off case for many, and you would not want to sit back and disappoint after you came home after the trip or during the journey. So, your job is to make it awesome, and the ones, who made it with unbelievable experiences, share your tips by commenting below and help another. Cheers!

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