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Bali is a tourist destination promoting gratitude, peace, and well being. It is at the top of the favorite list of countries to visit the many tourists. Bali island has something unique to offer for all most all the visitors. If you are a nature lover, there are ample places to enjoy the natural beauty in Bali. It is a paradise for surfing and diving. You can expose to so many cultural and religious landmarks in Bali. Beautiful natural surroundings, pink sunsets, gorgeous temples, and shrines will gift you a marvelous vacation. It is challenging to choose the things to do and places to visit in this ‘Island of the Gods’ during your vacation.

Bali Indonesia

Ubud Monkey Forest

You may have heard about the stories on Monkey Forest situated in Ubud. It locates in a Hindu temple complex. The temples in this location are ancient monuments constructed in the 14th century. You can walk around the nature reserve by watching monkeys. You can buy a banana from the entrance to feed them. But you have to be aware of safety.

You have to keep an eye on your belongings because these monkeys love to grab visitors’ things. There is a high tendency to lose your food, purse, or jewelry. So it is better to leave valuable items in the hotel except for the camera when visiting the monkey forest at Ubud. Monkeys in this forest are vibrant and playful. You won’t get this experience at a zoo. You can have a selfie with a monkey too. But keep in mind safety is first. The best time to visit the monkey forest is in the morning. Monkeys are calm and peaceful just after the door opening at 8. 00 am. Don’t touch the monkeys. It will cause so many problems, like having a bite from a monkey.

Mount Agung-Besakih Temple

Besakih is the mother of all Balinese temples, and Mount Agung is Bali’s highest mountain situated in the Eastern part of the Island. The Besakih temple locates on the slope of this mountain. This complex has 86 temples having a proud history of about 1000 years. Also, You can attend the religious celebrations held by Besakih temple too. There are about 70 ceremonies per year. So there is a big chance for you to participate in a religious festival.

You can have a countryside view with hills, mountains, streams and paddy fields at Besakih temple. You must wear a proper outfit when visiting the temple. Otherwise, you have to rent sarongs or sashes from nearby stalls.

Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is a famous water park in Bali. It has water games that anyone can enjoy. If you are a thrill-seeker, Waterbom Bali is the best place. It has water sports for the whole family. Water sports like Fast n Fierce and Twin Racers are waiting for you.

The “Boomerang” will let you twist down a 20m drop. Shallow pools and fountains in the Fantastic’ park keep children in their world. Double twist and python rides are for youngsters.

You can taste a tropical drink at Waterbom Bali. Restaurants and cafes situated in the park serve international and traditional foods to tourists.

Double Six Beach

Do you want a calm beach to relax in the daytime? Double Six beach is the one that suits you. Double Six Beach or Ocean Beach is another famous sandy beach in Bali. It is a peaceful spot with a little crowd. Double six beach is suitable for surfing. If you are a beginner in surfing, waves and sandy beach will give more support to practice.

Many visitors love to swim, snorkel, play football, and volleyball on the beach. You can rent a horse for a horse ride along the coast.

You can watch magnificent Balinese sunset while relaxing in a sun lodger. You can enjoy a Balinese massage too. There are ample restaurants, bars, and clubs to have tasty foods, fruity cocktails, beer, or a refreshing drink. It would be best if you visited this place to get perfect relaxation.

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach, Bali

Seminyak beach is on the west coast of the southern region of the country. Seminyak beach is the best place to party in Bali. The best night clubs on the Island are situated here. There are many famous destinations. The golden sea beach stretches to about a 5km distance. So Seminyak beach will offer the best memory package for your holiday. Tourists love to go to the world-famous beach bars in Seminyak beach.

Kirror is a Gothic themed club where you can party till morning. La Favela is the best place to enjoy food while listening to music. You can participate in the Mrs. Sippy pool party every Saturday. It is the biggest pool party on the Island.

You can have a sunbath lying on the beach, shopping at boutiques, or get into a spa. Surfing at Seminyak beach is terrific. The gentle waves will soak you in happiness.

Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sekumpul waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali and situates in Sekumpul village. You can enjoy the lush green surrounding of this waterfall. The thundering roar of water from Sekumpul waterfall spreads for a wide area, and The water from the waterfall falls through the forest beneath the pool.

You don’t need any tour guide to visit this waterfall. It is easy to hike through the forest to the Sekumpul waterfall. You can take several beautiful photographs of it. Don’t miss this eye-catching location during the Bali trip.

Tegenungan Waterfall

There are so many picturesque waterfalls in Bali. Among the many tourists visit the Tegenungan waterfall. It locates very close to Ubud town. So tourists never miss seeing the Tegenungan waterfall. It is always very crowded. You have to step in a lush greenery path to visit the waterfall. The massive, clean and freshwater coming from natural springs will invite you to have a bath. Those who don’t like to swim can dip the feet in the pool. It is better to visit this iconic place in the evening because a beautiful afternoon light will gift your best captures. The fresh air around the waterfall will give you a new breath, and You can enjoy taking photos at the stacking stone.

Uluwatu Temple- high on a cliff

If you are interested in finding various cultures, Bali will be a masterpiece for you. Uluwatu temple is one such cultural masterpiece located in Jimbaran. It is one of the holiest in Bali. Uluwatu temple situates at the top of a cliff, which is about 70 meters above the beach. It is better to visit the Uluwatu temple in the evening. It is the perfect location to end your busy day. There are traditional dance and drama in the temple.

You can participate in Kecak dances. This dance is Bali’s iconic dance performance, which is a mix of dance and drama. It bases on the Sanskrit epic called “Ramayanaya.” Watching Kecak dances in the evening will throw away all the tiredness of the day.

Ubud Art Market

Ubud Art Market is the most suitable place to buy gifts and souvenirs in Bali. It locates near Ubud Royal Palace. There are so many scarves, hats, bags, fabrics, jewelry, statues, and handicraft selling stalls—most of the selling items made in nearby villages. Universal and international assortments are also selling in the Ubud Art Market. You can easily buy gifts for your children, family, and friends from the Art Market.

The specialty is you can bargain here to get the best offer for products. So it is better to shop around to get an idea about the typical prices.

There is a wet market section other than the art gallery. It is more crowded in the morning. Sellers are busy selling fish, vegetables, and meat. The best time to go to the Ubud art market in the morning.

Visit Diamond Beach

Do you want to have a sunbath on a white beach? Then Diamond beach, situated in Nusa Penida, is waiting for you. The blue water and palm trees on the beach, along with white sand, will give a magical break in the middle of your trip. Silky blue water, palm trees, and limestone make Diamond beach more attractive.

Diamond beach is not fair to visit during low tide. The rough sea can cause dangers, and You can’t swim in the diamond beach. Every single wave takes rocks and corals to the sandy beach.

The Gili islands

Gili is a group of three islands. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air offer a perfect tropical surrounding. You have so many amazing things to do at Gili Islands. Crystal blue water on the beach allows diverse to get a marvelous diving experience.

Most of the backpackers visit Trawangan. Trawangan Island is suitable for the younger crowd for parties. Many locals come to Trawangan for night parties. So it is the best option for you to discover Indonesian nightlife. If you are selecting Bali as the honeymoon destination, Gill Meno is the perfect match. Meno is a little heaven comprised of white sandy beaches and peaceful surroundings. It is suitable for family trips also. Gili Air is famous as the best place to relax. You can go snorkeling and go to a beach club to end the day happily.

Air Terjun Thimbuna

Air Terjun Thimbuna or Tibumana waterfall is one of the stunning waterfalls located in Bali. This location got famous due to Instagram posts. Otherwise, it will remain a hidden secret in Bali. You can swim in the large catch basin of the waterfall. Tibumana waterfall is a safe place to swim. You can enjoy the cool breeze, tranquillity, and peace at this waterfall. The beauty of the Air Terjun Thimbuna is increasing by the surrounding cliffs covered with moss.

The way to the waterfall is quite picturesque. Paddy fields, coconut trees, bananas, and temples are on the way to Tibumana waterfall. You can take beautiful pictures to capture the beauty of nature at the Tibumana waterfall.

Kelingking Nusa Penida

It would be best if you did not miss visiting Kelingking Nusa Penida. You will find many incredible viewpoints here, and You should rely on the bamboo railing for safety in Kelingking. You must be very cautious when walking on the bamboo railing. Kelingking means pinkie in English, and It represents the smallest finger on the hand. The land has the shape of a pinkie finger. The Kelingking will be the most spectacular view you have ever seen. The popularity of Kelingking is due to the T-Rex shape formed by the cliffs.

There is a unique viewpoint to watch the Kelingking beach sunset. You will find multiple views on a worn path along the cliff edge. Railings are not available there, so you have to be careful. This is one of the better spots to watch the sunset at Kelingking beach.

There are no. of top hotels near Kelingking beach that provide accommodation.

Canggu Beach

Canggu is a must-visit place during your trip to Bali. Canggu village has many restaurants, cafes, and bars, and it is ideal for energetic vibes. Echo beach is one of the iconic landmarks in Canggu. It is famous for surf sports. Many seafood cafes are there for seafood lovers. Restaurants and cafes at Canggu offer tourists everything, including vegetarian foods and many others. If you want to taste traditional local food in Bali, Canggu is the best place.

You can learn surfing at Canggu beach. Canggu is the best place for solo travelers. The beach is not much crowded. So you can enjoy it well.

Gate of Heaven-Lempuyang Temple

Lempuyang temple is one of the oldest temples in Bali. It is among the holiest places of worship in Bali. The gate of this temple is famous as “The Gates of Heaven.” The whole surrounding is a nice picture when looking at the temple gate. Lempuyang temple is one of the key nine directional temples in Bali. The temple situates on the top of the mountain slope. You will see the marvelous sunset view at dusk. There is a lush green forest around the temple. You can feel the refreshing cool breeze coming from the forest. The view before the sunset in the Lempuyang temple will take your breath away. As a visitor, you will able to capture several photographs of the stunning view of the temple.

You may have to wait in a queue to get a photo at the gate of heaven for about 2 hours. You may don’t need any other proof to measure the degree of popularity of this place.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegalalang Rice Terraces are another eye-catching icon in Bali. Tegalalang Rice Terraces is one of the most visited attractions on this Island. You can easily reach this place from Ubud town. Tourists visit rice terraces to have a beautiful inland view. Tegalalang Rice Terraces is a great place to take photographs. Giant swings increase this place’s popularity, and You can take your pictures on a giant swing. There are tourist packages offered by the giant swing operators. You can select one of them. Even it is easy to take drone footage of the rice terraces in the morning. You can sit at a table at a café or restaurant and enjoy the valley views while having a soft drink.

Handara Gate

You may have seen Handara Gate on Instagram. Handara gate must be at the top of your places to visit list in Bali. Many photographers come to take beautiful snaps of this place. Handara Gate is the doorway to a golf resort, which remains a cultural monument. The gate is a symbol that conveys the idea of entering the temple from the outer world.

The Handara Gate is a crowded place. If you stay at the Golf course resort, you can get some photos in front of the gate for free. But the outsiders have to pay and take pictures. There are green mountains, lakes, and forests around the Handara gate. Don’t miss to visit this attraction.

Broken Beach

The broken beach situates in the Nusa Penida islands. It is one of the beautiful places in Bali.

The ocean water is flowing into the Broken Beach. Tourists love to have a scenic walk around the beach. It provides different viewpoints to watch the hole in the towering cliff. You are not allowed to swim in Broken Beach. You can have coconut, coffee, or nasi goreng to taste at this place.

The broken beach is a very crowded place. You can visit the area in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung waterfall can be named the best pristine waterfall in Bali. Hurry to visit this waterfall on your trip to Bali, and you may able to capture the best shot for Instagram.

This waterfall bases in the middle of high cliffs. The tiny water droplets in the waterfall will make a rainbow with the help of sunlight. After getting to the destination, you will see the rainfall as water coming from the sky. The circular cliffs will give the feeling of a cave while providing the Tukad Cepung waterfall’s best view. This waterfall differs from the ordinary waterfalls you have seen before, and The water flows down the cliff. You will get relaxed and peaceful surroundings to enjoy this nature’s marvelous gift.

Surfing in Bali

Surfing in Bali provides a world-class experience. So Bali is the ideal place for you to catch some sound waves. You don’t need to worry if you have never tried surfing before. You can take a surfing lesson in Bali. Bali has endeavored with broad surf culture. It is easy to get surfing lessons from Bali. There are so many great beaches around the Island. Always there is a wave that caters to your surfing level.

Kuta is the best beach ideal for beginners. Waves are small and manageable due to the sand bar in front of the beach. Uluwatu and Padang Padang have the most famous waves in the world.

Advanced surfers never miss these two. Uluwatu offers four different types of waves to ride. But they should not be the choices for beginners.

Surfing is one of the great things to do in Bali. It is fun and exciting. You will never forget the surfing memories in Bali.

A trip to Bali means a vacation in heaven in the middle of the Indian Ocean. All most all the iconic landmarks are there in Bali. You will not be feeding upon this Island. Anything you want is there in Bali. You will end up with the thought of extending the vacation to Bali. Try to manage your holiday in Bali to enjoy all your favorites in Bali. Plan the things to do and places to visit in Bali before starting the vacation.

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